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I work with individuals committed to increasing their self-awareness, connection, and personal/professional leadership capabilities, particularly people in mid-life and/or mid-career looking to do things differently in the second half.


In organizations, I coach new and aspiring managers, staff and leaders at all levels to support career growth and transition, management/leadership development, increased engagement, and a positive and productive work culture.


My approach is open and fluid, and meets clients where they are. Coaching is a partnership - where each party comes to the table with a role to play in the process. Trained in the Core Energy Coaching process by one of the world's leading coaching programs, I help people gain a greater sense of self-awareness and mindfulness, become aware of their thinking/behavioural patterns, change those patterns where needed, and identify how to reduce stress and get out of their own way in facing their day-to-day situations and choices. Coaching also involves gaining clarity, goal setting, mapping out a plan, and accountability (ie support and the occasional kick in the butt when required!) to follow it through and address the challenges and opportunities along the way. 


Whether you are receiving leadership coaching through your organization to support your career growth, or have chosen to invest in yourself, our work together will focus on you – who you are, your strengths, your values, your goals and vision, and the path to get you there.


Early in the coaching relationship, most of my clients complete the Energy Leadership Index, Emergenetics profile, and/or VIA (Values in Action) Character Strengths survey. Even just going through the debrief process for these tools increases self-awareness and will give you a new perspective and new language for considering who you are (ie strengths, gifts, and values), how you are showing up, and what might be getting in the way of your desired success.


Through open and insightful discussions, customized "homework", and processes that help you dig deeper into your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours, we will work together to move you forward.


We can also explore whether the Energy Leadership Development System or Law of Being program are right for you.

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