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Marni Soupcoff

Journalist, Executive Director at Canadian Constitution Foundation


“Karen is a natural coach, with both the intuition and the knowledge to ask just the right questions to elicit light bulb moments. In the coaching experiences I've had with Karen, I've never felt pushed or directed, but I've always left with a sense of calm and clarity that seemed to come from within myself -- as though Karen were the able guide to something good that was always there, but just a little hard to locate without some help. I have also been fortunate to have had Karen's sensible advice on delicate and difficult human resources issues. Unlike many other HR specialists I've spoken with, Karen is equally firm and compassionate, which makes her counsel especially useful. Wonderful, generous person and a pleasure to work with.”



Juanita Jenkin

Policy Advisor, Ontario Ministry of Labour


 “Karen was born to be a coach. Her ability to connect with people comes naturally, and her desire to help people reach their potential is evident from the moment you meet her. In my coaching session, Karen helped me explore those qualities which make me a unique person, and helped me appreciate how I can use them to further my career and enhance my personal relationships. It was a valuable experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Karen as a coach!”

Kimberley Mattinson
Manager, Training and Development at Ministry of Children and Youth Services

“I had the pleasure of working with Karen on a corporate leadership program for managers where she facilitated leadership discussions and provided coaching services.


Karen demonstrated professionalism in her approach. I appreciated the time she dedicated to preparation - attending related sessions and meeting prior to each facilitation for planning. Karen was driven to not only meet the expectations of the program but to add value to the managers participating in the program. Karen showed genuine care for the learners and was able to build a strong rapport. For those she coached, the feedback received was glowing with compliments.


Participants described Karen’s ability to challenge current thinking through insightful questions. 
I am happy to have had the opportunity to work with and learn from Karen. Investing in your professional and personal growth with Karen is a smart choice.”

Jules Arntz-Gray
Director, Training and Safety Programs Branch, Ontario Ministry of Labour

“Karen is a talented and effective expert in developing and creating effective leaders. Karen was an absolutely encouraging creator and champion of the Ministry of Labour's Mastering Management program, which successfully developed the next managers and leaders for our organization. Her energy, enthusiasm and positive approach are an asset to any individual or organization.”

Deborah Adie Boyd
Vice President, Ipsos IUU

“Karen is a brilliant, thoughtful and compassionate person who thrives on engaging relationships with others. Karen is the quintessential "people person" which serves her well as human resources expert, team leader and coach!”

Lisa Jackson

Manager, Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services


“I selected you as a coach because I loved your energy, confidence and presence. I sensed that I would learn more about myself, than possibly leadership tips. But of course, now I know they go hand in hand.


What I like best about your coaching style is your intuitiveness and ability to bring about thoughts, considerations or strategies in a positive and genuine way. You have a way of reading through someone and the words they use, their body language in order to seek one’s truths, barriers and strengths for achieving authenticity and success in both work and personal life. You balanced both health and wellness in work and life.


You were able to connect with me individually, but also with the leadership group with your dynamic facilitation and teaching style.”



Shana Katz

Manager, Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration


“Karen recently helped me to transition from my job of 9 years to a new leadership position in a different Ministry. Karen helped me to address my fears around change and empowered me to make the leap to a new role. Through Karen’s coaching, support and sense of humour, I was able to make the change and move forward in my career. I highly recommend Karen as a professional to anyone who is contemplating making and / or embarking on a personal or professional change. Her insight, dedication and integrity are second to none.”



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