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Passionate about learning and both individual and organizational growth and development, I work with executives and staff at all levels to inspire leadership development as individuals and teams and to create and support a positive work culture.


With experience in organizational development/effectiveness, change management, leadership development, talent and performance management, and health and wellness, I can create customized group coaching programs and interactive workshops that suit the particular needs of your organization. Lets talk about your needs and goals!


Some past workshops have included:

  • Conflict styles

  • Facilitation skills

  • Mentoring skills

  • Performance management discussions for managers and staff

  • Career management

  • Team building activities

  • Strategic planning processes (vision/mission/values, strategic and operational priorities)


I take a "coach approach" to workshops and facilitation - my goal is to create a safe and relaxed environment that supports personal reflection and draws upon the participants' experiences to support everyone's learning and engagement.


Using insight, intuition, and recognition of individual and team strengths, I aim to foster increased self-awareness, clarity, and confidence. I believe that each of us has the power to choose who we want to be in each moment.


I am certified to implement several different, but complimentary, assessments that support increasing individual and team awareness, respect, engagement,

and productivity. Please click on the links below to get more information about each one.


Each of these assessments are debriefed individually and/or in groups, with exercises and activities, action planning, and follow-up programs designed to suit the needs of the group or organization.



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